Any person,whether he is sick or not, can consult an Ayurveda doctor.


If the person is healthy he is advised on how to keep fit by analyzing his mind-body-constitution(MBCA) or prakriti thereby guiding him about diet, lifestyle and precautions to be taken to remain healthy. Mind-Body Constitution Analysis further helps one to

  • Assess the personal strength and weakness
  • Increase his efficiency at workplaces
  • Attain mental peace and stability
  • Achieve physical fitness and good health
  • Find  a collective solution for a majority of problems

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Thus seeking the advice of Ayurveda doctor even when one is not ill helps the person to keep sound health, prevent many diseases and attain longevity.

If he is not in good health then medicine are prescribed as per the requirement.

If the person is not keeping good health, he should definitely consult the doctor. The distinctiveness of Ayurveda lies in its concept of individualized treatments as per the individual’s mind-body constitution. It has a holistic approach towards treatments and this is an important aspect in this age of over-specialization of medical field.

Thus seeking advice of Ayurveda doctor is always of help – whether you are ill or not. Get your CONSULTATION NOW.