Reloading Health by Decoding Ayurveda

Therapy of the Millennium

This book is like a door in the wall wherein we can enter & explore a new dimension of health. It brings the ancient India’s health heritage into light by decoding it in an easy & understandable way.

Preventing diseases, Promoting health & Preserving it

Adding years to life & life to years

Welcome to

Welcome to

Over a period of time there has been a amazing growth in the popularity of Ayurveda world-over. We, at, feel fortunate to be a part of bringing Ayurveda to people. People who are reluctant to adopt this system due to lack of time can visit our website and discover its simplicity. Ayurveda is the pride of India and is unique because of its originality of concepts. These concepts have been interpreted and presented by eminent scholars, authors, followers and practitioners in their own ways for the betterment of health. Ayurveda needs to be explored deeply to move towards healthy and vibrant tomorrow.

Treatment Consultation

Treatment is in accordance with the basic principle of  Ayurveda which is ‘Prevention of disease, Promotion of health and its Preservation’All acute, chronic and lifestyle diseases are undertaken for treatment. Please refer to this link of ‘Diseases Undertaken’ for details. This also includes a brief of  ‘Mind-Body Constitution Analysis’. Consult Now  

Mind Body Constitution Analysis

Mind-Body Constitution is the bio-physiological or genetic constitution an individual is born with. This is the innermost nature which reflects in the personality of a person and remains constant throughout life. Mind-Body Constitution Analysis brings you closer to your own self and gives a collective solution to majority of problems. Consult now

About Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the ancient most health care system of the world which has its mention in our age old Vedas especially- Atharvaveda.

East Meets West

The western world is acknowledging the scientific basis of Ayurveda and is endorsing it in their education system.

About Clinic

‘AYURVEDA-CURE…the wellness clinic‘ focuses on the principle of Prevention of Diseases, Promotion of Health & its Preservation.