Did u know these simple facts?

• Water has the best soothing effect.

• Wine is best to dispel fatigue.

• Milk is the best energizer.

• Honey is best to alleviate Kapha.
• Butter is best to alleviate Pitta.
• Sesame oil is best to alleviate Vata.
• Fomentation is best for softness of body.
• Exercise including Yogic exercise is best to bring strength to body and flexibility to spine.
• Alkalis promote digestion but cause impotency.
• Goat’s milk is best for tuberculosis and bleeding disorders.
• Camel’s milk is best for curing water accumulation in abdomen and cirrhosis of liver.
• Cow’s milk is the healthiest milk; butter and cheese made from it are the best.
• Buffalo’s milk is best for inducing sleep.
• Fresh air is the best life supplier.
• Taking food on time is the best healthy practice.
• Tranquility of mind is the best course of therapy.
• Unhappiness is the most important factor for losing virility.
• Celibacy is best for long life.
• Grief is the most important factor for aggravation of diseases.
• Cheerfulness is the best diet for contentment.
• Worry is the most vital emaciating factor.
• Old ghee (kept for 5 yrs or more) is best for insanity.
• Ginger (Zingiber officinalis) is best for chronic indigestion.
• Gokshura(Tribulus terrestris) is best for urinary disorders
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Did u know?
Here are some simple facts from Ayurveda for healthy living.
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