Self knowledge is the DNA of self enlightenment. No two persons exhibit the same behaviour. Each one is unique.

  • One person could be physically overactive while the other prefers watching television or reading books
  • Members of the same family have the same type of food; still some members have a tendency to fall sick at the slightest trigger while others do not
  • One person with all the good habits catches all sorts of diseases while the other with all the wrong diets and habits still never does
  • Some people have severe headache when they go out on a sunny day while others are completely unaffected by the heat
  • Some people are comfortable in winters while others suffer from recurrent attacks of cold and cough due to cold weather
  • Children are fond of ice-creams but some can have as many without affecting their health while others develop sore throat
  • Some are easy going while others are perfectionists
  • Some people get nervous in any situation while others remain calm even in testing situations
  • Some gain weight at the slightest overeating while others remain slim despite eating a lot

This is because of different mind-body constitutions of the individuals.

Let us talk about Mind-Body Constitution Analysis.

Mind-Body constitution is the distinct bio-physiological or genetic constitution an individual is born with. This is called ‘Prakriti’ in Ayurveda. ‘Pra’ refers to before/beginning/commencement or the source of origin and the word ‘Kriti’ denotes creation. As a whole it means the original form of the being. The prakriti of an individual is determined at the point of conception and it refers to the distinct bio-physiological constitution and the innermost nature of an individual. The constitution of the body depends on the ratio of the three doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) present in the body at the time of conception. This constitution remains constant and unchanged throughout his life.

This is the reason why we find that every individual is unique and different from the other. This may be regarding the physical structure, temperament, habits, mannerisms or preferences. This uniqueness is due to individual mind-body-connect of all human beings. The main purpose of knowing the body constitution is to encourage yourself to get a little closer to knowing who you are. The constitution of the body depends on the ratio of the three doshas present in the body. There are seven types of Body Constitutions formed by various permutations & combinations of these three doshas.  It is very important to balance these doshas and modify your lifestyle as per your constitution. The imbalance of these doshas causes ill-health. By knowing the mind-body-constitution we come to know about the steps we should take to stay healthy, the treatment to adopt if we are ill. The diet as well as daily and seasonal lifestyle adjustments can be made as per the constitution. The understanding helps us know why we like or dislike certain foods or things, why we overreact to certain situations or why we sometimes feel over-tired or depressed.

Here’s  a glimpse of a few common signs of imbalance of these doshas:

Vata: Mental instability, confusion, insomnia, anxiety, headache, joint pain, indigestion.

Pitta: Skin disorders, short temper, acidity, burning micturation.

Kapha: Respiratory disorders, sluggishness, feeling sleepy, constipation, laziness.

Many of our problems come from wishing to be like someone else. As we come to understand our constitution, instead of wishing to be like someone else, we can learn to enjoy who we are and seek out the things that will balance and support us.

Get your Mind-Body Constitution Analysis done NOW.

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Self knowledge is the DNA of self enlightenment. As you come to understand your constitution, instead of wishing to be like someone else, you can learn to enjoy who you are and look for things that will bring out the best in you.
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