Procedure adopted in the clinic

Our clinic – ‘Ayurveda-Cure ….the wellness clinic’ – provides consultation for acute, chronic and lifestyle diseases.

 You can choose from these two options:

1. Consultation in person

2. Consultation on phone

The basic procedure of both these types of consultations is the same. This is –

Consultation in person

Patients from Delhi and National Capital Regions (NCR) can consult with prior fixing of appointments. Treatments are available on an out-patient basis subject to availability of appointments.

All the patients are instructed to bring all their previous medical records at their visit to the clinic. The treatment involves a careful hearing of the present and past history of complaints of the patient. All the previous medical records of the patient are seen and analysed. Investigations are then advised as per the requirements. Diagnosis is done as per the interrogations, investigations and examinations carried out, keeping in mind all the concepts of Ayurveda. The patients are then clearly briefed about the diseases, its prognosis and the line of treatment to be adopted. They are also advised as to how they can best help themselves to get well. The treatments in our clinic are result-oriented. This means patients are given an estimate of the time required for the treatment and the expected response of their body in that respective time frame. The ongoing allopathic medicines are not stopped but Ayurveda medicines are added along with them. These medicines take their time to adapt to the body so once they adapt, allopathic medicines are tapered with strict monitoring of the investigations.

Consultation on phone

For on-line consultation, according to your consultation type (MBCA / Treatment)

1)    Please write to for consultation.

2)     Fix an appointment

The consultation is through:

  • Email
  • Hangout (gmail)
  • Skype

Further details from here on are given on ‘HOW TO PROCEED’  page.