MBCA refers to Mind-Body Constitutional Analysis


What is MBCA and how does this help?

Mind-Body Constitution Analysis form will help us in assessing your precise constitution.

Mind-Body Constitution Analysis is the distinct bio-physiological or genetic constitution an individual is born with. This is the basic and innermost nature of an individual which reflects in the personality of man. This constitution of the mind and body is determined by the ratio of the 3 doshas (vata,pitta &kapha) at the time of conception. This remains constant and unchanged throughout life.

Ayurveda believes that every individual is unique and is different from the other. This may be regarding

  • Physical structure
  • Temperament
  • Habit
  • Mannerism
  • Preferences

This is because unlike the machine, man (Manav) has a mind (manas). He has the power of thinking and deciding his acts and conduct. This power of decision depends on the personality or the body constitution of every individual.

Many of our problems come from wishing to be like someone else. As we come to understand our constitution, instead of wishing to be different, we can learn to enjoy who we are and seek out the things that will balance and support us.

This analysis helps you come closer to your own self. It is very important to balance the doshas and modify your lifestyle as per your constitution. The imbalance of these 3 doshas causes ill-health. By knowing the ‘mind-body-constitution’ we come to know about the steps we should take to stay healthy, the treatment to adopt if we are ill. The diet as well as daily and seasonal lifestyle adjustments can be made as per the constitution. The understanding helps us know why we like or dislike certain foods or things, why we overreact to certain situations or why we sometimes feel over-tired or depressed.Trying to change ourselves is as good as fighting with our own genes to change them. It is not possible. In MBCA you will be guided about taking care and maintaining balance among these bio-physiological factors (doshas) to assure good health.

The focal points

The focal points of Consultation for  ‘MIND-BODY CONSTITUTION ANALYSIS’ include:
  • Assessment of constitution of body
  • Evaluation of diseases the body is prone to
  • Preventive measures to be adopted
  • Diet recommendation as per the constitution
  • Lifestyle modification
  • Guidance for preferred Exercises/Yoga

Request for Mind Body Constitution Analysis Consultation

Please write to nilima.jn@gmail.com for consultation.