Consultation Request

Consultation  is  provided  for  ‘Treatment’  and  ‘Mind-Body Constitution Analysis (MBCA)’.

Treatment Consultation

Treatment is in accordance with the basic principle of  Ayurveda which is ‘Prevention of disease, Promotion of health and its Preservation’All acute, chronic and lifestyle diseases are undertaken for treatment. Please refer to this link of ‘Diseases Undertaken’ for details.

This also includes a brief of  ‘Mind-Body Constitution Analysis’.

The focal points for TREATMENT are –
  • Assessment of health
  • Preservation of health
  • Improvement of health
  • Treatment of ill health/disease

Follow up sessions will be after 15 – 30 days as per the requirement.


Mind Body Constitution Analysis

Mind-Body Constitution is the bio-physiological or genetic constitution an individual is born with. This is the innermost nature which reflects in the personality of a person and remains constant throughout life.

Mind-Body Constitution Analysis brings you closer to your own self and gives a collective solution to majority of problems.

Focal Points for MBCA Consultation –

  • Assessment of constitution of body
  • Evaluation of diseases the body is prone to
  • Preventive measures to be adopted
  • Diet recommendation as per the constitution
  • Lifestyle modification
  • Guidance for preferred Exercises/Yoga

Please write to for consultation.