Consultation Request

Consultation  is  provided  for  ‘Treatment’  and  ‘Mind-Body Constitution Analysis (MBCA)’.
 We  have  the  provision  of  opting for  only  ‘MBCA’  in  case  you  do  not  want  to  go  for  ‘Treatment’  consultation.
For details follow the links – Treatment / MBCA

 For online consultation:

1. Choose your consultation type (Treatment or MBCA)

2. Pay online

3. Fix an appointment

For further query contact us through a form on this link. This is free of charge.

All consultations through this website have an underlying motto of  ‘SIMPLIFYING THE COMPLEXITIES’. Each and every query is read and processed personally. Care is taken to provide simplest possible solutions to the complicated problems. All the queries are answered within a week. Mode of communication are –

  • Email
  • Skype or
  • Hangouts(gmail)

Follow up sessions will be after 15 – 30 days as per the requirement.