images (42)Ayurveda is the most innovative system of Medicine.

Ayurveda is not just a system of medicine but is a dynamic philosophy of life, which is always pro-nature. The fact that despite being the oldest system of medicine, its principles stand the test of time and hold as good as they did when scripted, speaks volumes of its innovation. It innovates itself as per the requirement of the situation. It says that man is born to stay healthy and should stay so. Due to this expanded dimension of efficacy, Ayurveda adapts itself with allopathic medicines and can be safely integrated with them. The key to understanding is based on acceptance, observation and experience. One needs to experience Ayurveda to believe in it, just as we are experiencing IT(Information and Technology) and believing in it. The age of Information and Technology teaches us that everything is just not physical but much beyond it.



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