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Present Complaints and their duration* Previous history of illness (if any) with time period Family History
[textarea* presentcomplaints] [textarea previoushistory] [radio familyhistory default:3 “Hypertension” “Diabetes” “Any other”]

Details of present drugs/medications (if any) Treatment requested for
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Diet Routine


Meals [radio meals1 default:1 “Regular” “Irregular”]   |[radio meals2 default:1 “Veg” “Non-Veg”]
Alcohol Intake [radio alcohol default:2 “Yes” “No”]
Tobacco Intake [radio tobacco default:2 “Yes” “No”]
Water Intake Per Day [text waterintake1]  glasses  [text waterintake2]  ltr.

Diet table


Time Diet
Breakfast [text breakfasttime] [text breakfastdiet]
Mid-Morning [text midmorningtime] [text midmorningdiet]
Lunch [text lunchtime] [text lunchdiet]
Evening Tea [text eveningteatime] [text eveningteadiet]
Dinner [text dinnertime] [text dinnerdiet]

Physical Activity / Exercises


Time Exercise Duration
Morning [text morningtime] [text morningexercise] [text morningduration]
Evening [text eveningtime] [text eveningexercise] [text eveningduration]

Any other specifications
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